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M.A. Sociology

  Prospectus Fee : Rs. 250 /-
  Program Code : 263 
  Program Co-ordinator : Dr.Asha V,Ph: 9744828996
  Academic Section : AC II
  Contact : 0471-2386126
Broad Pattern of the Programmes
1.Each PG Programme will have 16 Papers, 8 Papers in the First Year and 8 Papers in the Second Year each carrying 100 marks. In addition, there will be a Dissertation/Essay and a Comprehensive Viva, at the end of the Second Year, each for 100 marks. Of the 100 marks for Dissertation, 80 marks will be for the Dissertation and 20 marks for the viva based on it which will be conducted along with the Comprehensive viva. Each PG Programme thus will carry an aggregate of 1800 marks.
2. Each of the 16 Papers will be evaluated in two ways ie. by Continuous Assessment (C A) and Annual Assessment (AA), C A will carry 15 marks and AA 85 marks.

Special Rules Regarding Re-admission to the Second Year
1. The last date for remitting the 1st instalment of tuition fees for the II year MA/M.Com/ M.Sc. course without fine is two weeks after the previous exam. Students who fail to remit the Ist instalment within this date will not be normally enrolled to the II Year of the course even if they are eligible for promotion to the II year. However in exceptional cases, on satisfaction of special reasons the Director is empowered to enroll such candidates to the II year on payment of special fine.
2. Dues shall be calculated upto the date of discontinuance. A student who has failed to remit any tuition fee shall be removed from the rolls and no study materials will be sent to him from the date of such removal. Date of termination for this purpose is the date on which the tuition fee with a fine of Rs. 50/- falls due. A student who has been so removed is liable to pay all the fee upto the date of such removal and any document in the custody of the office including TC from this office shall not be issued unless such dues are cleared. A student Institute of Distance Education 42 Prospectus who intimates, this office of his/her discontinuance on any date after the last date prescribed for remittance of tuition fees without fine will be deemed to have continued till the end of that term. However a student who has been removed is eligible for readmission as per rules.
3. Service shall be stopped on the date of discontinuance or removal.
4. A student who discontinues the course in the middle of an academic year may be readmitted to the same course in the same academic year on payment of readmission fee. A Student who discontinues and applies for readmission in a subsequent year will be readmitted in the beginning of the academic year. In the latter case the student has to remit dues of the previous year and the dues shall be calculated as in item No. 2 above.
5. Students who have remitted all dues in time (during the course period itself) but failed to register for University examination shall avail the chance for examination registration in subsequent years, if the Syllabus is not changed.

• Special Admission (Additional Degree)
Those who already hold a Masters Degree in any subject are eligible for admission to any other PG Programmes, having no Practicals, of the Institute. They have to undergo two years study in the IDE and take the examination at the end of each year. They will not be considered for ranking and will not be awarded another degree certificate. They will be granted a certificate of having passed the additional examination and also the mark sheet showing marks and division.

• Rules regarding calculation of dues
All dues should be cleared before issuing or releasing any certificate from this office. Only those students who have registered for First Year examination are eligible for promotion to the Second year of the Post Graduate Course.
Students who are eligible for promotion to the Second Year of the Course are requested to remit their First Instalment tuition fee well in advance of the last date. (The due date for remittance shall be intimated to the students by separate circular). This will ensure early dispatch of the first set of notes. Receipt of study materials by those who do not remit fee on time will not make a claim to continue their studies and remit the fees subsequently. Please do note that remittance of First Instalment tuition fee shall not be permitted after 30th December, the IInd Instalment due date.

• Rules regarding Lower Registration rate
In case of subjects the enrolments of which is below 25, the Tuition fee collected shall be 50% of the total tuition fee. Study materials and classes are not provided. The students have to remit all other fees as said in the prospectus.
• Project Guidance
The Director of IDE shall prescribe separate list of supervising teachers for each discipline on the recommendation of the Co-ordinators of the subject concerned in IDE. A candidate may select his supervising teacher from the above list.

• Annual Assessment
Annul assessment (I year & II year) will be conducted by the University.
• Classification of Results
Classification of the results of the programme will be done after the II year examination based on the total marks secured for both the years and shall be as follows:
Institute of Distance Education 43 Prospectus
a. Not less than 40% but below 50% 3rd Class
b. Not less than 50% but below 60% 2nd Class
c. 60% and above 1st Class
d. 80% and above Distinction
Candidates who pass all the papers in the 1st appearance within the minimum period prescribed for the programme shall be ranked on the basis of aggregate marks secured for all the papers.

• Other Regulations
Other rules applicable to students of the PG course under the Annual Examination Scheme and other rules framed by the University from time to time are applicable to the students of IDE.
  Eligibility: Bachelor`s degree in any subject in the faculties of Arts, Science, Social Science, Commerce and law or its equivalent. BCA degree recognized by University of Kerala and B.F.Sc. degree of Kerala Agricultural University are also eligible for admission to the course. Bachelor`s degree in Oriental faculties (Malayalam, Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Arabic etc.) and in the faculty of Fine Arts are not eligible for admission.
  Fee Structure : General Fees
  Affiliation Fee : Rs. 400 /-
  Admission Fee : Rs. 150 /-
  Examination Application Fee : Rs. 10 /-
  DDF : Rs. 100 /-
  Recognition Fee : Rs. 300 /-
  Matriculation Fee : Rs. 100 /-
  Eligibility Fee : Rs. 200 /-
  Excemption Fee : Rs. 200 /-
  Fee Structure : Tuition Fees
    Program Duration : 2 Years
    Total Tuition Fee Paid : Rs.6000/-
    I Year-I Installment Tuition Fee : Rs.1500.00/-
    Total Centre Fee Paid : Nil/-

Total Fee(General Fee & I Year-I Installment Tuition fee)to be paid at the time of Admission according to the qualification from the recognized universities.

Note: Please remit Centre fee Separately if applicable

Candidate Qualified from Kerala University: Pay Admission Fee, Affiliation Fee, Exam Application Fee, First Instalment tuition fee.

Candidate Qualified from Calicut University: Pay Admission Fee, Affiliation Fee, Exam Application Fee, Eligibility Fee, Matriculation Fee,First Instalment tuition fee.

Candidate Qualified from Calicut University: Pay Admission Fee, Affiliation Fee, Exam Application Fee, Eligibility Fee, Matriculation Fee,Recognition Fee and First Instalment tuition fee.

Fee Head Qualified from   Remarks
Kerala University Calicut University Other Universities Centre Fee
Rs. Rs. Rs. Rs.
  I Year-I Installment 2060.00 2360.00 2660.00 - Pay Total fee including I installment and General fee at the time of Admission
  I Year-II Installment 1500.00 1500.00 1500.00 - -
  II Year-I Installment 1510.00 1510.00 1510.00 - -
  II Year-II Installment 1500.00 1500.00 1500.00 - -
  Study Centre
1. SDE,Palayam  
2. Microsense College of Advanced Studies, Chengannoor 
3. MAS College Malappuram 
4. Guide College, Punnathala 
5. Mega Institute of Management 
6. Viswabharathi - Anchal 
7. Manjappara Educational and Charitable Trust - Manjappara 
8. Kaviyattu College of Education 
9. Isa Universal Centre for Higher Studies 
10. Saugar College & Computers 
11. Darsana Institute of Management and Information Technology 
12. Presidency College of Management & Technology, Charummoodu 
13. TTECS LTD T. 690/Co-Operative Arts & Science College 
14. Gurudev Institute of Professional Studies 
15. UIT Centre,West Kollam  
  Mode of Remittance
1)Fees shall be remitted by Demand Drafts drawn from any SBT/District Co-Operative Banks in favour of The Finance Officer, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram payable at Thiruvananthapuram.

Students residing outside the state of Kerala can draw their DDs from SBI in favour of The Finance Officer, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram payable at Thiruvananthapuram.

Overseas students can draw their DDs from any nationalized banks in favour of The Finance Officer, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram payable at Thiruvananthapuram. .

For every remittance by DD a service charge of Rs 10/- also has to be remitted. Some payments related to certain courses are also to be made by way of Bank DD and in favour of the Heads of concerned Departments/ centers as specified in the fee statement(Statement of Fee Available from downloads link of

Fee can also be remitted by pay-in-slip at The Cash Counters at the University Office, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram and at the University Campus, Kariavattom.

Fees can also be remitted at Friends, Jenasevana Kendram Centres.

Treasury Chalans will not be accepted

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